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Come fly away to Brisbane

November 11, 2009

Tonight Fauzi and I are finally going back to Brisbane. YAY!!!!!!

I have never realised how much I love Brisbane until spending time away. In fact, I dare say that I really prefer life in Brisbane compared to Melbourne. That’s what I told my father’s friend, whom I met up for yum cha yesterday. But uncle says that I’ll learn to love Melbourne with time. I hope he’s right cos I’m gonna be staying here a while – what with Kelly coming over for further studies in 2011. 😦

Next Tuesday I’ll be coming over by myself to Melbourne as Fauzi still has some casual shifts. I’ll be bunking over at a different friend’s apartment and this friend and I have already agreed on the rent that I have to pay. This friend has a very cute and fluffy cat. I’ll remember to put up a picture in my future posts.

I’m not very keen on coming back alone as well as having so little time to pack. But the boss insists that I have sufficient time to relocate in 1 week… 😦



November 10, 2009

Last Friday I received a confirmation from the firm that they are willing to take me on as a graduate solicitor. Woo hoo…  * Catch is to finish packing this weekend and fly on Tuesday. :(….

Fauzi and I have been bunking in a friend’s place for 4 weeks now. We felt very pai sei and have already worked out between the 2 of us that it is only fair to contribute some money towards the house bills even though the friend does not want us to pay since we are guests and living in the living room ( we estimated around X dollars – taking into account that we bought a lot of the house stuff and cleaned their filthy toilet and kitchen).

Fauzi just told me today that the friend now claims for some money for the house bills, which is fair enough since we were also using the utilities in the house and we were going to pay X dollars anyways. Fauzi told the friend that we are willing to pay X dollars. However the friend insists that we are being stingy in not rounding up the number e.g. 50 dollars or 100 dollars rather than 30 dollars and 70 dollars. For Fauzi and I, budget has been really tight, so an extra 20 or 30 dollars would come really handy.

This friend’s attitude bugs me: firstly because the friend insisted that we not pay but later on insists that we make a significant amount of payment and secondly because this friend is really poking at how tight our budget is. This friend has also pointed out that we are most of the time on instant noodles and that instant noodles is “poor people’s food.” I honestly think that is a very snobbish and immature statement to make even though he was kind enough to put up with us bunking in his living room.

Fauzi has also pointed out that the friend has been putting him down and saying mean stuff such as being just on the net or watching tv and laying in bed the whole day. The friend does not understand what it is like to be a fresh graduate looking for a full time job during the economic crisis. I know how it feels to be utterly hopeless and that no one sees how hard Fauzi and I have been trying to look for a full time job. Anyone who DOES NOT go through what we do DOES NOT deserve to judge.





Good news? Or bad news?

October 29, 2009

I had another interview with a law firm yesterday. And this morning they called me in for a paid trial run next Wednesday.

Good news – Possible job, finally     vs     Bad news – 1 week of researching the difference between Vic and Qld legislation

Well people say “Jangan tolak rezeki” right.

I’ll start revising tomorrow….

Disappointed again

October 21, 2009

Today I had my very first interview ever since I graduated. I had butterflies in my tummy throughout the journey from North Melbourne to Box Hill where the interview was held. I swear if Fauzi did not accompany me there, I would have thrown up too.

I arrived at the office about 10 minutes before my interview and waited restlessly for another half an hour. Then when the boss was ready to see me, he told me that he had already from the very start had his heart set for another person of which he promised to give her a job. *Sigh* Why did I waste my time and AU$10.60 just to be told that I will not get the job. I was not even interviewed properly. 😦

Oh well, at least the boss was kind enough to tell me his life story and promised to ask his friends if they would like to hire me as well as pointed out a few firms which he heard was looking for someone.

Looks like tomorrow is another day of calling firms and sending resumes… Same old. Same old.

Do fishes normally lie on their side?

October 18, 2009

Parrot fish 1

Fauzi and I were strolling down the city and looking for a place to have dinner with his friends when I stumbled upon this aquarium display outside a fancy chinese restaurant.

Parrot Fish 2

Do you notice the parrot fish lying on its back? I am sure all the other patrons of this restaurant had the same thing as I do running through their mind – “Yuck don’t order any fish dishes, the fish is probably sick or dying.”

I tried to look up for normal behaviors of parrot fishes and I came up with nothing. Is it normal for fishes to lie on their side to sleep?

Hello from Melbourne

October 15, 2009

It has been a while since I have last updated this blog.

The few months after my last post were filled with an overwhelming  array of emotions. I have finally graduated from Uni and my family came all the way from Malaysia to share this joyous occasion with me. Later on I was admitted as a legal practitioner in Queensland and although this time my family could not join in the ceremony, I felt very thankful to share this special moment with Fauzi and my other close friends.

The ‘happy’ moments vanished as fast as they came.  No matter how hard I tried, I have not been able to get a job as a solicitor in Queensland. I was left feeling depressed and worried about my future ahead as a solicitor in Australia. Luckily I was able to secure 2 waitressing jobs to pay the rent and to foot my living expenses.

Some time ago, Fauzi and I made the decision to try our luck in Melbourne. With our savings from our casual jobs, we bought a plane ticket to Melbourne. We arrived in Melbourne this morning at 12.25am and will be staying here for 2 – 3 weeks. Fauzi’s friend was kind enough to lend out his living room to accommodate our stay here.  🙂

Guess what?? I’ve landed an interview with a law firm here on next Wednesday.

Whoever is reading this post, PLEASE pray that Fauzi and I would be able to land a job here. We hope to be able to bring good news back to our friends and family soon.

God Bless.

Legal Practice Course Dinner @ Jade Budda

June 6, 2009

Yesterday I had fun (but yucky makan) at Jade Budda with fellow course mates and lecturers of the Legal Practice Course.

LPC Dinner

LPC Dinner

Aiyoh… why is this picture so blur???

Norman and I

Norman and I

This is my good buddy, Norman. Legal Practice would have been such a dread without him to brighten the day.

My attempt to take everyone in one shot

My attempt to take everyone in one shot


What are you looking at?

  This is Nizam and Alex – both KK guys. Alex was too engrossed in his SECOND portion of salmon wasabi. Nizam was so cute willingly pose for the bored me.

We went to the Lounge after dinner. But the pictures are all on Norman’s camera.

I’ll grab the pictures from him and post in a nother blog. 🙂